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FETTERNEAR      Moyra Simon
Fetternear Hillcrofts  Survey and Test Pits
 2015 Summary Following our successful Survey Workshop in 2014 NESARS had hoped to continue our work in Fetternear with a resistivity survey of the site of an old croft.  However, the wettest summer in recent years made this impossible.  Saturated soil and electrical resistivity surveys do not go well together. The rain had one unexpected effect - several pieces of flint appeared on the surface of the garden of Sunnybrae Croft.  Finds were mostly debitage, but did include a possible humbnail scraper.  These finds raised the possibility of there being a prehistoric site underlying the 19th  century croft area, so in late October NESARS carried out limited test pit evaluation.  Initial findings suggest that the flint artefacts found on site were the result of secondary deposition. Further evaluation will be carried out in Spring 2016. Although the prehistoric landscape could not be traced during the last evaluation, valuable data pertaining to the cultivation practices of the 19th century crofters has been noted.   Improved topsoil in Test Pit 3 on the east side of the garden was around a metre in depth whilst that in Test Pit 1 on the west side of the garden was only 50cm deep. NESARS would like to thank Alison Sutherland for allowing access for survey work and Connolly Heritage Consultancy for loan of equipment. Moyra Simon
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