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Project Leader: Juliette Mitchell Newburgh:  preliminary investigation only.  (Diane Collinson) NESARS members visited Newburgh sand dunes to look at an area where flints were eroding from a dune/shell midden, with the aim of estimating the size of the scatter and collecting some samples for analysis to determine the composition of the assemblage.  GPS recordings were made for each sample.
Project Leader:  Heather M. Sabnis Field-walking and lithic analysis Now extending over five adjacent fields on the north bank of the River Dee. Hand-held GPS readings taken for individual flints.  Cataloguing and analysis in progress.  Further fieldwalking in this area is still a possibility.
Project leaders: Marlene Weston and Angela Groat (Originally James B Kenworthy) Field-walking, resistivity,  and lithic analysis  Begun at Gory Hill, and continuing at Kinclune.  Hand-held GPS readings taken for individual flints. Cataloguing in progress.  This project has now been discontinued.
NESARS projects involve members getting together and carrying out activities organized by a Project Leader.
North East Scotland Archaeological Research Society North East Scotland Archaeological Research Society North East Scotland Archaeological Research Society
TARLAND    2013, 2014 and 2015.  Information and reports on the Tarland pages.
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Principal Co-ordinator with SCHARP Juliette MItchell NESARS are hoping to work with SCHARP (Scotland's Coastal Heritage at Risk Project) to encourage NESARS members and members of the wider public, to get involved with this very worthwhile project.
Project Leaders: Moyra Simon and Jane Summers In association with Bruce Mann, Shire Archaeologist Field-walking, surveying and excavation on a cleared plantation with a stone circle and hut circle.
SCHARP    2013
SCHARP has been set up in recognition of the fact that 'surveys have shown that thousands of archaeological sites and historic remains are threatened with destruction. Because the coast is so dynamic, it is difficult to keep up to date with what is being destroyed or uncovered.', it aims to encourage 'citizen archaeologists' in Scotland to 'monitor, record and submit information about local coastal heritage' in order to help to formulate an effective response to the issue. The Aberdeenshire coastline is a bit of a blank page in terms of the project and any work that can be successfully undertaken to record and assess sites will make a real impact to the local and national record. Working with the help of NESARS and Bruce Mann, SCHARP ran a workshop in Aberdeen in October 2013 to train local enthusiasts how to effectively use their website and recording tools.
CRATHES    Begun in 2008   Information and results on Crathes page
OFARS Projects ongoing when OFARS became NESARS
KILDRUMMY    Begun in 2003   Short report on Kildrummy page.
FETTERNEAR HILLCROFTS   2014 and 2015      Information and report on Fetternear page    Investigating the site of an old croft.  Survey and test-pitting         Project Leader:  Moyra Simon