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The Hut Circle Field Walking Project kicked off at the end of February and then

snow stopped play.  For the short time that we actually managed to be on site we

were producing some very interesting results.  The NESARS team were lucky

enough to be joined by Oskar Sveinbjarnarson from Aberdeen University with his

GIS positioning equipment and we look forward to seeing his report.

When it FINALLY stops snowing we hope to be back up there with renewed

enthusiasm and minus the thermal layers.  We will post field walking dates for May

as soon as possible.

All NESARS members are welcome.

Members who would like more information about the site should email Jane or Moyra or contact them via NESAE (facebook).                                                                                                                                     
Moyra Simon and Jane Summers spent an exciting morning (in a snow storm) visiting the site of the first of this year’s NESARS challenges; Field-walking on a cleared plantation with the possible hut circle lying at its edge. This will be an interesting challenge for NESARS members and the first step in a new project being headed by Prof. Richard Bradley and Ms Amanda Clarke of Reading University.   Bruce Mann (Shire Archaeologist) enlisted NESARS help on this project and we are very pleased and proud to be involved.

In association with Bruce Mann, Aberdeenshire Archaeologist

Tarland Fieldwalking Update July 2013 Way back in a cold snow swept February we embarked on field walking the site in Tarland and on a warm day in July we finally completed our last furrow.  At times the site and the weather have been challenging.  Scrambling round brash wood, following forestry plough furrows up and down slopes has become second nature to a few of us.  We’ve had over 20 days working on site, walking sixteen 20m by 20m grids and 54 furrows, covering a total area of over 12 hectares and it has been well worth it. Our initial focus was a circular feature damaged by forestry ploughing.  We carried out an intensive grid based search of this area and found a range of interesting artefacts including flint and pottery.  To our disappointment, during this phase the site was targeted by metal detectorists operating illegally!  Fortunately our site pre-dates anything metal so their search was probably fruitless and only contributed more trip hazards around the site. By the middle of June we had completed the intensive grid walk and stretched our legs through the furrows.  More interesting artefacts were collected across the entire site and we have identified some archaeological features which require further investigation. Jane and I are currently working our way through all the finds and data amassed and preparing a report.  We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to the project with special thanks to Veronica and Irvine Ross who gave so much of their time and effort to push the field walk along.  NESARS will be involved in further work on the site so please keep an eye on the website for updates. Moyra Simon
HILLHEAD (BLACKHiLL) FIELD SURVEY 2013 REPORT This detailed and comprehensive report has now been completed and the PDF file can be downloaded:  Blackhills Field Survey Contents: Summary Introduction: Site Location;  Site History Objectives Methodology: The Field Survey; The Transect Survey: The Equipment Results Fieldwork:  Survey Area (The Hut Circle;  Archaeological Features in the Transects) Artefacts:  Flint, Quartz and Other Lithics;  Ceramics Conclusion Appendices:  incuding plans, photographs of finds, finds catalogue and other information
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Full Report for 2013:  see below
Tarland 2013    Moyra Simon and Jane Summers

Hillhead (Blackhill) Field Walking and Survey