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Excavation  June held an exciting chapter in NESARS association with a site in Tarland.  Last year we identified a circular feature and this year we excavated under the watchful eyes of David Connolly and Maggie Struckmeier.  Over a period of 6 days we opened up a 20m by 2m trench which provided a window right across the feature whilst still preserving a lot of it in situ.                                                X marks the spot: Jane Summers, Irvine Ross and Philip Bacon laying out the trench. Our volunteers gradually revealed the remains of a hut circle with a protective outer wall.  Finds were limited, but we did unearth some pieces of a substantial looking cooking pot and some good charcoal samples.  The latter will be sent for radiocarbon analysis so we can date our feature. Some of our volunteers hard at work:     We would like to thank everyone who took part with special thanks to David and Maggie for giving their time freely.  We would also like to thank the MacRobert Trust for allowing us to dig up their land and lastly Bruce Mann and Aberdeenshire Council Archaeology Service for their support and sponsorship. But the story doesn’t finish here….  The growth of vegetation and viewing the landscape of the site from a different perspective has revealed there are more features to be recorded.  Jane and I were there recently to assess the way forward and we intend to lead an intensive survey project during November 2014.  Please keep watching the website and our Facebook page for updates. Moyra Simon
Tarland 2014     Moyra Simon and Jane Summers
 This year NESARS members have already completed a plane table survey and a topographic survey of the second circular feature identified last year. From 14th June we will be starting to excavate this feature.  The excavation will be led by David Connolly of Connolly Heritage Consultants.  Post excavation we will continue our topographic survey work of the wider site.  This will help us further define the area and tie all the features together.  As ever everyone is welcome! Jane Summers
Hillhead  Survey and Excavation
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Further news The charcoal (highest concentration in the centre of the possible hut circle) has been identified as alder, and samples have been sent to SUERC for radio-carbon dating.  At least 7 potential hut platforms have now been found in this area, and further detailed topographic survey is proposed. Moyra Simon and Jane Summers Radio-carbon dates   From David Conolly on our Facebook page (pdf files). Posted19 Dec 2014 Sample 1:  SUERC-56971(2801,29) Sample 2:  SUERC- 56972(2721,29)   996-916 calBC    68.2% probability 896-834 calBC   68.2% probability 1026-892 calBC  95.4% probability 918-812 calBC   95.4% probability   876-850 calBC     3.0% probability
This will be our second year working up at Tarland so we thought we’d better update you on progress and the way forward. After producing our report last year Jane and I still have a few administrative odds and ends to tie off regarding the fieldwalking, but the field work continues.