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Tarland 2015     Moyra Simon and Jane Summers
Hillhead  Walkover Survey
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Hillhead Fieldwork Summary 2015 During 2014 NESARS primary focus at Hillhead was the excavation of a hut circle.  What became evident during this and previous phases of work is that Hillhead encompasses a rich and varied prehistoric landscape which needs full evaluation.  This year it was decided that NESARS would engage in a series of walkover surveys to evaluate both the original field walking area and adjacent land to record features observed during 2014 and attempt to establish the extent of features across the wider landscape.  Surveys have been carried out through 2015 during different seasons as changes in vegetation, light and the presence of snow can help to highlight features. To date several putative hut platforms have been identified and a possible linear feature within the original field walking area.  To the south of this area NESARS have recorded (clearance?) cairns, a small rectangular building and further possible hut circles.   Data is being processed and a QGIS model of the site and surrounds is under construction. NESARS wishes to thank The MacRobert Trust, Aberdeenshire Council Archaeology Service and Connolly Heritage Consultancy for their continued support. 
Our aim this seasom is to survey and record the extent of a previously unrecognised prehistoric settlement which appears to be closely connected with the nearby monument. This was kicked off in March and will continue in August.